- Energy Is Attractive - 21 Questions!

Hello dear friend!

I'm writing you from Boston, not Austin today.

How are you doing? In particular, how is your energy?

I'm your number one bff yoga pal, so I can ask that. I politely press on.

Does your energy feel light or heavy right now?

Young or old?

Snippy or sweet?

Let's ponder, "What sort of energetic state am I currently living?"

"How is my energy?"

Do you feel stuck? (Stucckk? Stucckkk?!)

Do you feel old, mentally?

Or young?

There is a puddle in the middle of the sidewalk.

Do you walk around while promptly getting mad and grumbly.

Or do you take another lighter more playful, dare I say even fun, approach?

This is an image I heard Tony Robbins share in January when I was teaching yoga at an event.

It popped into my mind this morning.

I was thinking about how I often say in yoga it's not really about what you are doing but HOW.

Something I have been personally meditating on as I wrangle busy schedule, big events, and dreams of the bold and beautiful.

So this week, I'm talking about ENERGY.

Again, Adriene?

Yes, again.

What is yours like?

Do you have any?

Some to go around and share?

Or juuust enough to get by?

Hey. Do you know what is more attractive than a fit and personally ideal physique?


ENERGY is attractive!

So this week, I invite us to circle back in toward the source.

Ask the hard questions.

What is my energy like?

Where am I spending it?

Am I craving a change?

Do I need to tend to it?

Want to tend to your energy state?

See you on the mat.

Now, for some this message will come at the perfect time.

For others, you are tired, dammit. You're heavy.

You're a new parent or just started a new job. You are healing from something in which you have to take things or do things, abnormal things, to recuperate. Or, the waning moon has you eating more, sleeping less.

Tired and heavy and in need of a permission slip to allow this temporary state of energy to reign, just for a bit - with honor.


Access granted!

This is temporary.

Eat the whole pizza! Sleep in and skip your yoga.

Congrats on the kid, the job, or your imminent healing.

I'm serious.

Just allow and trust the flow.

This week's free video is a request and a good one.

A perfect practice for those wanting to feel good in their body, yes, but also to tend to one's overall energy state.

There is a lot going on in the world right now. But don't forget you are in the driver's seat when it comes to how you experience life. How you live.

You need energy to create the life you want to live. The environment you want to live in.

It starts with you.

Show up on your mat, listen, and see what happens.

Then repeat.

Sending a very special Namaste to all my friends who are experiencing their Day 7 of Yoga Ritual today.

Let's keep going.


PS: We added a second FWFG Roadshow 90 min practice in Atlanta! Whoo hoo! Get all the FWFG Roadshow details here!


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