- Human Kindness is Overflowing


It's a bustling whirl windy time for me right now and if you have been following along the community boards you can see, YWA is bringing it.

We saw an opportunity, we felt a community, and we decided to go for it.

Connect to others, serve others, grow.



But the magic really happens when you see your life as one moving growing project, always.

When you are awake and as present as you can be at every turn.

So that means at the grocery store, at the stoplight, boarding the plane.

Keep your eyes open and look for opportunities for human kindness.

I am serious.

Human Kindness is what keeps me going. No complaints.

The times in which I have my head up and I am able to contribute to someone's day in a positive way are so fulfilling and even rejuvenating.

And if you give, you are sure to notice when someone else is offering you their smile, their hand, or their story.

In a busy time with travel, projects, tote bags, and tours, I am reminded of just how important it is to connect, to stay awake, and to talk to each other.

So, your mission this week - up your HK.

Don't delay.

This week's FREE VIDEO is Yoga For Golfers!

Share this one with the golfer in your life. This 20 min practice could be the perfect gateway to a lifelong yoga practice! Also great for non golfers, so go on, give it a go and enjoy!

We shot this one in Nicaragua and you cannot tell (or can you?) but it was probably the hottest and most humid day I have ever experienced, in my life.


YOGA RITUAL starts tomorrow on the Find What Feels Good Membership!

7 Days.

The invite is simple and effective…

One week of water with lemon, yoga, meditation, and a walk of any distance. Hell, you can walk around your house if you want to.

The Benefits

Gain Control!
Check in with addictions and cravings. Reset patterns of both mind and body so that you can get results, feel calm and present while making progress.

Gain Physical Strength!
Tone muscles of arms, legs, core, waist, and back. 

Gain Awareness!
Participate in regular spinal flexion and hip openers to help alleviate back pain and improve posture. 

Gain Mental Strength!
Train a busy and overactive mind to be more present, to relieve stress, and find focus through 5 min sit. 

Improve Digestion! 
Spark digestive fire, massage internal organs, and reset eating patterns through the combination of water with lemon, yoga, meditation, and regular walking.

Move From A Place That Feels Good.
Take stock in a way that promotes self love and respect. Invite transformation and change through mindful ritual and the support of the Find What Feels Good community. 

Walk It Out.
Balance out the energy of the body, boost metabolism, get your heart rate up, and enjoy a regular moving meditation on your feet. Any distance. Eyes open. Your pace. 

Not a member yet? You can try it for free for 7 days, no prob!

Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough.
Franklin D Roosevelt

See you on the mat, my sweet friend. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. Show a kindness like no other this week, let it overflow. Trust it will return. I have faith.

CUE: Randy Newman



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