- Pull Up A Chair!

Hello, Weblari! 

I am writing you from North Lake Tahoe where I am teaching this weekend and excited to meet and hug kula friends!

It is just so wonderful.

Bonus points for the fact that I am staying exactly where a Winter Olympics was once held…so, if you know me, I'm feeling cool.

I am teaching 6 sessions in three days… in nature. 

Oh nature, how I love theeee!

This month's YWA calendar invited you to connect your practice with nature. I think after this weekend I will even start to face my window when I practice at home. You know, connect to big picture.

Head up.

I have very much enjoyed seeing people take it outside this month. From the window to the backyard. I just saw someone record their own drone yoga on the beach too. Ten points!

But if you cannot get out, for whatever reason…

This week's free yoga practice is going to bring the good vibes straight to you.

Grab a chair!

This Chair Yoga was thoughtfully constructed by yours truly and you can complete it in under 20 mins. It definitely subscribes to the "A Little Goes A Long Way" promise and invites you to find mobility in a way that is soft and gentle but also really supportive and beneficial.

Pull up a chair, mate!

I may be bias but this one is a really nice practice.

So good you should share it with a friend.

My guess is everyone could use a little Chair Yoga in their life. 

I'm off to guide the yogas…

and give thanks…

every day.

Your Friend,

PS: I love when people tell me that when they type my name it autocorrects to "A Friend." It's true, you sure as hell got a friend in me.


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