- REC! Yeah, you know me.

Hello my dear friends,

I am writing you from home where, get ready…

I have taken the weekend off!

Whoo hoo!

This weekend I am eating tacos, hanging with my best girlfriends and going for a hike which will ultimately end in a swim because well, it's summertime in Texas, Y'all.

I will also be taking Benji out for an epic early morning tennis ball tournament, naturally.

Reflecting on our latest FWFG offering, I must say that the 7-Day Yoga Ritual was indeed a wonderful week! I've noticed a lot of folks have taken on a second week of the 7- Day Ritual series and I want to remind you that as a member, it is always available to you! Set intentions for 7 Days of lemon water, yoga, meditation, and a walk whenever you need to reset.

My goal is to create content that you can share with the support of the community but also content that puts you in the driver's seat.

You are your own best teacher. If your brain and body connect is turned on and you feel good about your decision to show up on your mat, or for a walk - then you are more likely to make it a regular thing.

That is what we are going for here my friends, a regular yoga practice that serves.

So, let's make a habit out of it!

The August Ritual Calendar continues! It's never too late to jump in! As we prepare for the eclipse tomorrow, it may be good to take a look at your current patterns and ask, "does it serve me?"

Ritual is routine with intention.

As many head back to school and as the moon does its thing - why not take a moment to check in with your intentions and your routines to make sure they are in alignment?

This week's free video is a special Yoga For Teachers!

This practice is dedicated to all the wonderful people who show up to educate, support, and inspire at 100%. I've really never met a teacher of any kind that didn't show up with their whole soul despite their exhaustion and challenges.

Thank you teachers. Thank you.

I should note that I believe we are all teachers so this could be a wonderful practice for everyone. It's a 30 min session to help you recharge your batteries - perfect for anyone feeling that summertime drain or for those ready to prepare the soil for fresh joy and opportunity to blossom.

I vow to spread love and promote respect, equality, and consciousness.


Yeah, you know me.

If ever there were a time to practice self care, now is the time. Please share the free yoga videos with your friends, your mates.

Let's come together, stick together and practice.



PS: Tickets are on sale for the 2017 US Find What Feels Good Roadshow! We have added an extra class in Atlanta and in Nashville! We are also closing this tour out with a very special class in Austin, Texas - check out the details and get ready to meet Benji!

PPS: Lion's breath! Inhale in through your nostrils and then exhale with your tongue out! Happy Solar Eclipse!


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