- Roadshow, Ritual and Elevator Music!

Hello my dear friend!

I hope this message finds you feeling good.

If not, you know what to do.

Sit up a little taller.

And take a little elevator ride.

Start at the base of the spine and work your way up to the crown.

CUE: Elevator Music…


This week’s free practice is a yoga postcard.

Made with love in Playa Maderas, this intermediate flow is a little swift, a little challenging, and a lot of fun.

Shot on location in Nicaragua at our 2017 Find What Feels Good retreat. This was a fun one because the weather changed dramatically during the course of this flow.

We started with sunshine and by the end of the flow a huge storm was blowing in. The minute I bowed my head in namaste we had to cut the cameras and run for shelter with all the gear.

Chris and I shot this one together, just like old times so it was a fun one to make.

Now, the video is titled Yoga For Weight Loss but it could easily be called Yoga For Balance and Self Love.

If you don’t think you are “intermediate” you can still practice this flow, just move at your own pace and listen to your breath. I aim to keep everyone safe so be mindful, but I think a lot of folks will be surprised that they can keep up as long as you are light, focused, and moving from your center with your breath.

Consider that awareness that runs from the base of the spine to the top and tap into that ocean breath!

The 2017 Find What Feels Good Roadshow tickets go on sale Tues 8/1 at 10am, local time. That is 10am in your city, across the board!

This is an opportunity to come together, practice YWA live, and celebrate the journey.

There is nothing quite like the energy of a FWFG Roadshow stop. I am looking forward to it, very much so. I can’t wait to see what happens! Get your ticket Tuesday. Don’t wait!

Finally, August is upon us and with it a new YWA Calendar to guide you. This month Sarah and I have collaborated on a special theme that coincides with a new series hitting the membership on August 7th titled Yoga Ritual.

Through busy schedules, screen time, and a fast paced hustle, the mind and body need time to reset. When we do not take time, the body can fall apart or begin to ache and your thoughts will begin to take control over you.

Life can be a rollercoaster and being human can be tough! This FWFG membership series invites you to carve out some time to take control!

YOGA RITUAL is an invite to reset. Create time and space to re-establish patterns, or rituals, that serve!

Train the body and train the mind with the support of the Find What Feels Good community and join the YOGA RITUAL AUG 7th!

Love you, mean it.



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