- Thank you, Universe.

Hello my sweet friend,

The body stores emotion.

The body stores emotion, so when you get caught in the throws of darkness it can be helpful to move.

Your body.


In a way that feels good.

This week's free practice is everything.

To me it is why I fell in love with yoga and I will be forever committed to making sure it is available and accessible to all of us.

The practice is a reminder.

Ultimately, you do have control of your happiness.

And, perhaps, you are the only one.

Please practice this one as an act of self love, self discovery, and self respect.

Know that you are worthy.

Please, test the magic that exists.

I got your back.

I'm off to spend some time with my Mom. I can't wait to tell her how once again her powerful affirmations have made their way into my practice, this week's free video, and into your space at home.

Thank you, universe.

And thanks, Mom.

And thank you.

Yeah, you.


PS: I am teaching a few more classes in Austin this week then I'm off to Wanderlust Squaw Valley! A lot of projects in the works, including a new 7-Day Program for the FWFG membership. Stay tuned!


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