- Why ask Why?

Hello my dearest!

I hope this letter finds you feeling good.

Relax your shoulders, sit up.

Take stock of how you are holding yourself as you read these words.

A few weeks ago I asked, “How is your energy?”

Here is a gentle reminder now to check in and notice how you are carrying yourself.

How is that sweet bod of yours holding up?

Our culture puts so much demand on looking a certain way, however I am inviting us over and over again to focus on how we feel.

Align over hustle.

It’s been on my mind lately.

I like the comparison because it brings me back to the WHY.

Why am I even on this particular journey in the first place?

Why am I here?

You set goals, but what is the point of reaching those goals if you are a closed off depleted hustler with no connection to your soul?

What is the quality of your contribution to yourself, your loved ones, and ultimately to humanity if you are a stress monster wearing saddle sacks of tension and anxiety?

Reduce your cortisol and you will increase presence.

Increase your presence and re-connect with your “why.”

Connecting to your why will change HOW you do things.

And how you move through your day, how you handle your job, how you treat yourself and others… is the portal to the divine.

Remember, you are the one responsible for your own happiness.

Are you still connected to a why that serves?

Why are you hustling?

I’m not saying hustling is bad. I am just saying, be sure you are not creating a stressful situation to struggle through and calling it your life.

Society tells us that we have to get things right and show people we are working hard, real hard.


On the mat this week, focus on what the quality of movement is like.

Quality of movement = Quality of life.

Align with the magic that you already are, align with what feels good.

Make discoveries through messy situations and failure. But remember, you have the power to create the system you feel best in.


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I wish you well on your journey of learning… and loving yourself. Hard.

Lead by example. Focus on ease - in all things.

Drop the stressy struggle and align with your self.

You’re amazing.

Why ask Why?

Because you are amazing and need to learn to trust that. With ease comes creativity, self love and a hunger for passion, quality of movement and a reserve of energy to help others.

Take the energy you are using to prove yourself to others and dial it in. Open that portal to the divine and choose…


(And try bud dry.)

Love You,


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