Peak 10 - New Anytime DR Testing, At Your Fingertips

We just kicked our DRaaS offering up a notch.

Peak 10 + ViaWest is an industry leader in delivering DRaaS solutions to our customers, and we just kicked our offering up a notch. If you’ve been thinking about shoring up your DR strategy to further protect your business from ever-present threats such as ransomware, our Recovery Cloud offering has everything you need. 

  • On-Demand DR Testing – Let’s face it: DR tests are a huge undertaking. And the “big” ones only happen once or twice a year. Our new on-demand testing puts you in the driver seat to perform safe, non-disruptive DR testing on protected systems, 24/7/365. This “anytime testing” is great for validation of new applications, patches, system changes and even getting other users outside of the IT department involved.
  • 30-day Extended Journaling – We took our 14-day Extended Journaling and kicked it up a notch for Recovery Cloud Prime and Premium tiers. You can now leverage up to 30 days of replication history, offering hundreds – or even thousands – of recovery points for a granular level of restore. You can pinpoint an exact recovery point to minimize data loss.

Find out why we are an industry-leading DRaaS provider. Read more about our Recovery Cloud offering or contact us to get started today with a DRaaS solution fine-tuned to your needs.

Here’s to protecting your business!

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