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Hello Weblari,
My name is Mark and if you’ve followed ScreenCraft closely for a while you may know me as one of the Fellowship winners from 2015. I want to share how valuable the experience has been to me. 

The truth is that getting paid to write in Hollywood is tough. You have to be an amazing writer, but you also need a lot more than that. By the time I had won the Fellowship, I had already won 5 other pretty big contests (one major). The ScreenCraft Fellowship accelerated my screenwriting career more than any other contest. I got representation at one of the best literary management companies in LA through the ScreenCraft Fellowship

When you get the call and find out you’ve won the ScreenCraft Fellowship the first thing that happens is Cameron (one of the founders) asks for all your scripts. All of them. And he reads them. And develops them with you. And practices your pitching. Meanwhile, John (the other founder) goes around organizing dozens of industry meetings that are specifically with execs who are interested in your style of writing. By the time the Fellowship week rolls around, you’re prepared, ready to go, and set up for success. Maybe even more importantly, the people you’re meeting with are primed, excited, and anxious to meet with you. We met with executives at Paramount, Universal, Warner Brother, Paradigm Talent Agency, 3Arts Entertainment, Anonymous Content, Madhouse Entertainment and many others. 

And that’s the difference. The ScreenCraft Fellowship is what got my writing career going. That’s what took me from writing spec scripts to developing projects with major production companies and taking meetings with studio execs. 

Look, not even the best contests have everything. However for me they have proven immensely effective at developing my craft and getting me the exposure needed to be signed by a major Hollywood manager. I believe the Nicholl Fellowship is the most prestigious. Austin is the most fun. Sundance the most indie-benefitting. WeScreenplay the most transparent. And Blcklst the broadest. But to me the ScreenCraft Fellowship is the most effective. Cam and John fight for their winners. Cam and John fought for me.

If you’re on the fence about applying, let me push you over the edge. The ScreenCraft Fellowship is about professional development and career advancement. Apply here.  It's open to aspiring feature film and TV screenwriters. The final deadline is January 15. 

Write always and write hard.


Mark Stasenko
ScreenCraft Fellowship winner (2015)
WeScreenplay Co-Founder (2015)
ScreenCraft Partner (2017) 

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