- New tier based WHMCS pricing adjustment


Effective from July 05, 2017 there has been an adjustment in license pricing for WHMCS. As a license partner of WHMCS Ltd. SkyNetHosting.Net Inc. were providing our clients with the the Unlimited Domain license that was valued at 15.95/month for free with our reseller plans. With the new tier based license module WHMCS Ltd. have covered the Unlimited Domain - 15.95/month license to a new license named, Starter License which can support 250 Active Clients + Unlimited Inactive clients. 

Here's how the new WHMCS pricing model looks like:

250 Client's $15.95/mo (Branded) - Starter Plan (We Provide this license FREE for skynet Resellers)

250 Client's $18.95/mo (No Branding) - Plus Plan ($10/month If you are a skynet Reseller)

1000 Clients $24.95/mo (No Branding) - Professional Plan ($18/month If you are a skynet Reseller)

Unlimited Clients $39.95/mo (No Branding) - Business Plan ($32/month If you are a skynet Reseller)

For full plan and pricing details visit:

*We are further working with WHMCS management to consider offering the Pro and Business plans to our resellers for a further discounted price.

If you are a reseller with less than 250 active clients (You can have unlimited inactive clients) there's no action to be taken from your end. If you are a reseller with over 250 active clients you would need to upgrade to the new Professional or Business WHMCS license. If you have in between 250 to 1000 clients you would have to upgrade to a Professional Plan and if you have more than 1000 clients you would have to upgrade to the Business Plan (You may upgrade the license with us for a discounted price or directly purchase with licenses WHMCS). 

You can also read more about the discussions about the WHMCS price increase at the following forums;

Please feel free to get back to me if you have any further doubts or if you would like to upgrade the key with us.


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