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How to Use AI to Serve Your Customers Better

Among the early benefits of artificial intelligence systems, machine learning and natural language processing have the potential to transform customer service processes that are too often frustrating for customers and expensive for web hosts.



Liquid Web dedicated servers

How Cloud and Automation Helps Evolve Legacy IT

New levels of intelligence in the data center and business world are helping create a much more fluid organization and cloud ecosystem.




IBM Unveils Next-Generation Mainframe Technology with Pervasive Encryption

IBM has just launched IBM Z. The mainframe technology can run more than 12 billion encrypted transactions per day and has an encryption engine that makes it possible for the first time to pervasively encrypt data from any application, cloud service or database, according to the company.


Save Net Neutrality. Save the Internet We Love.

It’s easy to paint the enemies of net neutrality as greedy monsters from a dystopian nightmare who would put a price tag on the air you’re breathing right now if they could, but let’s grant their argument a fair shake before we tear it apart.


Comcast and AT&T Say They Support Open Internet — With Caveats

But the fight over net neutrality isn't being waged by normal people, it's being waged by lawyers deep in the weeds of regulatory law.


Intel's Xeon Scalable Designed from the Ground up for Data Centers

Intel wants to tighten its grip on the data center market, where workloads are accelerating as new technologies — blockchain and IoT, for example — are competing for bandwidth.


Cisco Beefs up Security Arsenal with Observable Networks Acquisition

As businesses are expected to spend $1 trillion by 2021 to combat cybercrime, Cisco has been taking measures to beef up its security offerings with a series of acquisitions in this arena.


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