UploadVR - Posts from Gaming – UploadVR for 03/21/2017

Posts from Gaming – UploadVR for 03/21/2017

Giant Cop: Justice Above All Releasing on March 30 for Oculus Rift

Giant Cop: Justice Above All Releasing on March 30 for Oculus Rift

Other Ocean Interactive is announcing today that Giant Cop: Justice Above All will be releasing for Oculus Rift on March 30. According to a statement from Other Ocean, releases for other VR platforms will follow in the coming months. Giant Cop will cost $24.99 and will be available to download via Oculus Home.

“This is a game specifically designed for a Virtual Reality experience as opposed to a game that was pushed to fit,” said Deirdre Ayre, Other Ocean’s Head of Operations. “It’s the world’s first, and only, open world, giant-sized, VR comic crime drama.”

In Giant Cop you take on the role of, well, a giant cop. You are brought onto the force to help police the crime-ridden streets of Micro City.

We first played Giant Cop at GDC 2016 back when it was slated for release on the HTC Vive. A few months later, Other Ocean announced that Giant Cop would be an Oculus exclusive and that Oculus itself would be contributing significant funds to the game’s development.

In its original state, Giant Cop took place in a relatively small, 360 diorama of a city. You would stop crimes by physically bending down and plucking up criminals before hurling them into the police department. Now, over a year since that first demo, Other Ocean has reworked Giant Cop to focus more on exploration.

“A key feature in Giant Cop is the open world in which you can explore Micro City,” said Ryan Hale, Studio Head for Other Ocean. “Our team deliberately built Micro City with sandbox gameplay in mind. This allows players a 3-4 hour experience of gameplay uncovering the crime syndicate that threatens Micro City. But if you want to just explore the world and find hidden interactive objects you can do that too.”

The hidden objects mentioned above will reportedly also include allusions to the popular television and comic series The Walking Dead through a partnership with SKYBOUND entertainment. This alliance will provide Walking Dead easter eggs to SKYBOUND Insiders — a free membership program that will grant bonus Giant Cop content.

We will have a full review of Giant Cop: Justice Above All at release.

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By Joe Durbin on Mar 20, 2017 04:33 pm

SXSW 2017: Swapbots Brings Toy Collector Culture To Augmented Reality

SXSW 2017: Swapbots Brings Toy Collector Culture To Augmented Reality

Augmented reality caught a flash of exposure with Pokemon Go and continues to get mentioned regularly alongside it, but the technology still has a way to go before it becomes a household constant. Children have access to mobile phones and tablets nearly as much as adults these days and encounter gaming ecosystems geared toward their interests and that’s what the Draw and Code team out of Liverpool is hoping to tap into. Swapbots is their augmented effort that couples AR with toys that have exchangeable parts to bring the imagination of children to life on mobile devices.

The foundation of the Swapbots experience is the bots themselves, toys that are built with three parts: Head, torso, and lower body. Each character you get comes in those three parts and you can interchange them with other characters to create different combinations of abilities. The Swapbots app then brings those creatures to life via the camera lens on your device so that you can battle with AI or other player-created bots. At launch, there’s also going to be a story mode that will force players to exchange parts in order to move forward like using the wings of the griffin to fly over an obstacle.

The toys will supply the full experience for the Swapbots application and there will be no microtransactions or advertisements to supplement the experience. Any currency used in-game is earned in game and there’s no way to purchase additional amounts, which is something that will likely result in a sigh of relief for parents. Adopting a toy-focused gaming experience is something that AR could really benefit from if you look at the success of things like Disney Infinity, Skylanders, and Nintendo’s Amiibos. The Kickstarter has about three weeks left at the time this article was written and is really close to being funded, so it clearly is something people find interesting.

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By Charles Singletary on Mar 20, 2017 09:10 am



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